8 week Fat Loss Course

Our 8 week SupremeLean fat loss course has been carefully developed to burn the maximum number of calories in the given time. As the sessions are calorie based each participant is equipped with a Myzone Heart rate Monitor to track the number of calories burnt and is connected to the studio monitors to see your progress during each workout. The goal is to burn as many calories as possible each session. Your total calories burnt over the 8 week period will be put up on a the SF leaderboard.

This intensive workout (HIIT) incorporates three different components to ensure the most effective route to body composition change (fat loss).


What you receive

FREE Myzone activity belt

8 x semi-private personal training sessions

Nutrition Plan (19 page fat loss eBook)

Learner Pack eBook

Monthly Body composition assessments

24 hour mentorship & ongoing support

*You will not receive these if you're on PAYG

Class information

Time: Saturdays 8am

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: Studio 180, SG6 2TS,

Letchworth, Hertfordshire


£16 per session - Valid for 1 month


£15 per session - Valid for 3 months


8 WEEK DISCOUNTED COURSE (ONLY valid for SF 1-1 PT clients)

£11 per session - Valid for 3 months