• Sports & Exercise Science BSs (Hons)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer with Active IQ

  • Level 3 Swedish Body Massage

  • Food Intolerance Practitioner with Lorisian

  • Kettle-bell Instructor with Active IQ

  • KBT Level 2 Strength & Conditioing Coach

DISCIPLINE: Body transformation specialist & Hypertrophy.

Since suffering from a severe sports injury playing football at the age of fifteen, Fenton has been unable to participate in competitive full contact sports. Whilst at first the change in his lifestyle was difficult to overcome, he found an outlet in personal fitness and training. Overcoming this obstacle has given him the strength & focus to consistently follow his fitness goals on a daily basis. He is now dedicating time to help motivate and inspire others. 


Fenton is currently following an intense powerlifting/hypertrophy training programme alongside a strict 'bodybuilding diet'. To pursue his sporting knowledge he is has studied a Sports & Exercise Science BSc (Hons) degree at Leeds Beckett University and regulary attends fitness seminars/workshops to keep up with the latest trends. Such as Nike trainer Jamie Reynolds PT development workshop, C.H.E.C.K insistute with Paul Check seminar and The Ubran Athlete retreat with calisthenics expert Jukka Rajala and national olymypic lifter Jenni Paputti.  In addition to his qualifications he has an extensive background working in the fitness industry from the age of 16.


In the future he has ambitions to participate in fitness modelling, compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions and also triathlons. He is also planning to travel the world.


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Tel: 07905589689


Jamse Potasnick

Health care assistent


'I gained 2-3kg's of lean muscle mass, went from 13inch arms to 15inch and gained a new perception on life'


"At the start of the program I weighed 69kg. After the first 12 week 'Bulk' phase I gained 6kg's with minimal fat gains. The next 12 week phase we decided my goal was to cut down for summer. We 'Cut' down to 72kg whilst increasing strength!. With not only Fenton's determination and motivation in the gym but his nutriton advice and knowledge, he helped me gain 2-3kg's of lean muscle mass and 2 inches on my arms. From 13inch's arms to 15inch's! 


Fenton has been an amazing personal trainer to me over the past few months. Its been over a year that I have been away from a gym, I wasnt that motivated and when I decided on going back I chose to have a personal trainer to help me get back into shape and help me work on my specific goals. when I got the call saying Fenton will be my PT I didnt know what to expect, but the few months of being pushed and getting worked by him noticed a difference, in the way I looked and the way that I was feeling. It was a little hard to start with and sometimes I wanted to give up but I committed myself to Fenton to help me reach my goal and im very grateful that he stuck with me too. I think its a good thing that Fenton was closer my age as I believe this helped me feel Fenton was a friend and not just a client. There was a big determination in Fenton to help me reach my goals and that really helped as he was so into his fitness and giveing all the help and advice he could. This hard work and dedication that Fenton and I put into making myself look better and feel better helped with my posture and  confidence and transformed me into my new look. If it wasnt for Fenton I wouldnt look or feel the way I do now.


So just want to say, thank you Fenton".

Chris Plant

Business Analyst


'I weighed 112kg, I now weigh 96kg!'.


"For many years now I have tried to loose weight with various diets and different exercises at the gym, however on my own I have failed to succeed, and the stubborn fat did not move despite the amount of effort I put in.


I initially met Fenton when he was taking a Warrior boat camp class at the gym. After a few months of taking part in this I could see the amount of effort and level of enthusiasm he put into his work so when the opportunity arose to try a personal training session I decided to give it a shot.


Prior to starting I weighed 108.2kg and was very unhappy with the way I looked after viewing holiday photos from the previous year. Although my level of fitness was not to bad, combined with my extremely poor diet of junk food takeaway food on weekends I needed the kick to get myself in shape.


The PT sessions took a bit of getting used too with an intense 20 minute warm up followed by 40 minutes of weights. Initially this was a bit of a shock to my body as my upper body strength was very poor and I was unable to complete a proper press up, however the more effort I put in the better the results I achieved.


After 6 months of training I am happy to say that with Fenton's encouragement and support with exercising tips and meal plan ideas, I have successfully managed to drop to 96.5kg and reduce my waist size by over 4inches. I am now feeling so much fitter and healthier and have had to throw out all my old clothes as they where too big which is a great feeling.


I still have a way to go, however would highly recommend training with Fenton as from the pictures the results show for them self".



Milan Stojsavljevic

Student and working at the cinema


'I weighed about 60kg and could only do 2 pull-ups, now I am 70kg and can do 9'.


"About 2 years ago when I started going to the gym, I weighed about 60kg and could only do 2 pull-ups, now I am 70kg and can do 9. This shows how much my upper body has increased in strength and size. I get most of my inner drive when working out with Fenton, he motivates me to lift heavier, squeeze out extra reps and critically analysis my technique in order for me to gain the most out of the workout. My transformation may not be the greatest, but it all takes time and undoubtedly am proud of it. I love fitness simply because I find it fun and enjoy seeing improvements in physical appearance, plus it has made me mentally stronger.


The fitness industry is full of positive minded people and that's what you should surround yourself with in life.


My knowledge on fitness has built-up significantly through the help of Fenton, who spends a great deal of his time working at a gym and dealing with personal clients. We both share the same role model which I think is a bonus as we understand what each other wants".


"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail"

Fenton Hancock

Personal Trainer & SupremeFitness Online Coach


'I Dropped 5-7% body fat whilst minimising loss of muscle mass and strength in 8 weeks'.


These are my results after following the SupremeFitness 'Transformation Package' religiously for 12 months. These results show that you are guaranteed results if you consistently follow the guidelines that are in the programs. After following SupremeMASS for 10 months I decided to show the hard earned muscle by following SupremeLean for 8 weeks leading up to the summer. These transformations are from the day I finished SupremeMASS to the day I finished SupremeLean. From 81kg's to 72kg's.


Following these Nutrition programs have allowed me to have no food restrictions, to do minimal cardio and forget about meal timing/frequency whilst minimising loss of strength and lean muscle mass. Just simple daily macro targets and tracking food intake.


Following SupremeWorkout has not only allowed me progress my strength, increase muscle mass and improve my all round athleticism but enjoy every single workout. SF's personalised workout plans ensure you're pushing your body to the limit while making it fun and enjoyable at the same time. I believe this is essential for clients as it helps them stay consistent and on track mentally and physically.


These transformations show just how much you can change in a short amount of time if you put your mind to it. So if I can do it, anyone can...


"The Secret To Success Is Starting".


Rob Read

Network Analyst


I've been trained by Fenton for about a year, every session was fun and fresh and I promise you will work very hard as he seems to get the best out of everyone he trains. If you want to look good, get fit, lose weight and/or build muscle, he will tell you how and help you do it. Thanks!