Worldwide Macro coaching


Who is this for?

This program is for clients who are looking to hit their specific goals from every direction. The client will be communicated regularly by a chosen medium which will help ensure the client is meeting his/her goals and will make sure the client is fully motivated throughout. This program will help the client transform their physique and mind set for the good. 


*Note you must purchase at least one SF programme alongside this online coaching service.


This program includes:

• Access to private email/phone number to communicate whenever needed.

• Weekly set checkins with client (Macro adjustments).

• Motivational and technical advice.

• Online Personal Training & Macro Coaching throughout your program.


Client Requirements:

• Computer or Smartphone to download ‘MyFitnessPal’ to track food.

• Food Scales to track foods.

• Weekly progress pictures are required.

• Weekly weigh ins.

• Weekly personal feedback on how the program is going etc…

• Your MyFitnessPal diary settings must be set to 'Public'.

• At least one SF program must be purchased with this online coaching service.


Payment Packages:


• Package A 

Commitment: 12 months

Cost per month: £20

Total cost: £240


• Package B

Commitment: 6 months

Cost per month: £25

Total cost: £150


• Package C

Commitment: 3 months

Cost per month: £30

Total cost: £90


*Pay up front and receive a 10% discount.


How do I purchase?

Enquire to, where a payment method can be arranged.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask


Tel: 07905 589689


This program is not refundable.



Tel: 07905 589689